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10 CISSP Books and Study Guides for the CISSP Certification – 2021

Have you decided what to pursue in your career? Are you thinking of IT Security and getting certified for CISSP? You may be excited as a prospect of design winning IT security architecture. You need to improve your resume or try to get the high-paying job, certified by CISSP professional.

Here we are discussing CISSP, so let us give small information about this. CLSSP stands for Certifies Information System Security Professionals. This is globally recognized in this Information Security field. This is the certification which empowers professional to manage the effective design and security control to the business environment.

Now you might be wondering what’s next? How to identify the correct CISSP book, study guides, and other things to build a perfect study plan and start your journey as an information security expertise.

To do CISSP certification, you need to have a minimum of five years of security experience, and it should be endorsed by other CISSP certified professionals. You can also get one year of extension if you have a four-years of degree. In this exam, you will only get the multiple-choice questions around 250 number. Make sure that you get a score above 70% to pass the examination.

   Ethical Hackers Academy

     CISSP 2021 – Certified Information Systems Security Professional



Since this is very tough examination IT professionals have to provide 40-50 hours for the preparation to clear the exam. Risk management professional has to concentrate 60-70 hours for there preparation. Here you will get the top recommended CISSP book with a perfect study guide to help you to get your certification.

The CISSP Study Guide

If you are looking for the top-end book, then you definitely must prefer these authors Eric Conrad, Joshua Feldman, Seth Misenar, etc. book. Very much well-written and just incorrect length like exam preppers. This is popular with CISSP aspirants as a dependable resource for CISSP.

This is 600 pages study guide, which is almost easy to complete. Three authors bring their experience in the IT security domain so that students get the expertise  of all three qualified experts. In this, all topic has covered and the maximum is beyond the CISSP examination.

While studying this book, many students feel to refer some other author’s book too, so it is suggested that they can refer.

Official Guide to the CISSP CBK, Fourth Edition (ISC)2

This book is prepared by the renowned organization that conducts the CISSP exam and gets the award for ISC2. This book is fully updated with 2015, and it is the only one official guide for the CISSP exam in the market.

This book is very comprehensive where it includes all eight domains with complete details. It is endorsed by CISSP experts who are from all over the world.

Due to more information, this book is not formatted correctly were some papers is missing, not the appropriate language, duplicate content, etc.

Certified Information System Security Professional Study Guide (Sybex)

This book can be perfect for your study because this is the combination of three authors like Mike Chapple, Darril Gibson, and James Stewart.

It is a guide that updated for the 2015 CISSP exam format. This covers all information like bulletin objective, assess control business continuity, application development security, recovery plan, Cryptography, etc.

This book has access to an interactive online learning environment which includes 1400+ practice question and electronic flashcard of 1000+. This allows you to give interactive test exams.

The CISSP All In One Exam Guide, by Shon Harris

This is an All-in-One examination guide which is from Shon Harris, and he is an expert of IT security training and certification.

This book is very comprehensive and authoritative, which can cover all 10 CISSP exam domains. It is also developed by ISC2. This book act as a learning object which includes exam tips, in-depth explanation, practice questions, etc.

This is one of the best digital eBooks, which includes a video training module with a paperback edition. This comes with 1400+ practice exam questions which you can play in Windows, and all content is professionally organized.

CISSP Cert Guide

This is written by the authors name Troy McMillan and Robin Abernathy. They have made this guide very straightforward and no-nonsense in the guide.

Every piece of information is designed accurately so that it can be accessible and easy to comprehend. Everything is very much operational and cryptographic.

Perfect for the exam preparation, and it has all information in detail.

The NIST’s Security And Privacy Controls Special Publication, Revision 4, (800-53)

This is available in the internet, and user can download it. It is a set of NIST guidelines for privacy control and information security that covers many topics of the CISSP exam.

This publication is very authentic and authoritative in the resource. It has a non-sense approach with uncluttered formatting.

The book provides the reference for any security specialist who will give an examination of the CISSP exam. This publication can work as a substitute for the actual CISSP textbook.

CISSP Exam Cram (3rd edition)

This book is very famous and written by the security consultant Michael Gregg. It has been written so that it can work as a refresher for the aspirant who is already ready for the examination like an Eleventh Hour guide.

This includes a cram sheet, which helps the examiner to memorize the important points for the examination. All question answers comes like tons of quizzes. The length of this book is 640 pages, and it’s fully compact.

To give a better examination, only this book is not sufficient; this can be your last moment guid for refreshing your knowledge before you start your exam.

Eleventh Hour CISSP (Study Guide)

By the name itself you can know that this is the guide, which designed to help readers who want to prepare quickly for their examination. This study guide is written by Eric Conrad, Joshua Feldman, and Seth Misenar.

This is fully focused on the core element of the exam. It can give you last moment highlights study some answers to the tough questions and a perfect reviewer before a week exam.

Moreover, this is a refresher, not the substitute for a textbook.

CISSP For Dummies

It is a type of Dummies series book, written by the well-known author called Lawrence C. Miller.

You can get this book anywhere, and you can also follow the pick-up-and-read approach. You can also get a sample file of it.

You can also get this in the online portal and test engine.

ExamFOCUS CISSP Exam Study Notes

This is the part of Frill series publication where this book is concise compendium and works as a study note for the students preparing the CISSP exam.

It is very much concisely formatted and presented. This book mainly focuses on the study notes, which will give them the latest iteration of the examination.

This book has no substitute as a guide. It is so popular that it is freely available in the public domain.


By reading this article, you have got an idea of how to work out for this examination. But when we talk about the right resource, you can get the best option from where you can easily select depending on the requirement.

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