Cloud Security Engineer SOC - Lowe's India - Bangalore, IN

Job description:
  • Research and assess the security capabilities and functionality of new or existing cloud platforms, and perform gap and/or integration analysis as needed
  • Recommend specific tools and processes to maximize monitoring and response capability
  • Engineer logging and collection of security event data and transmission to technology components for security incident analysis
  • Ensure the completeness and accuracy of security event data by ongoing monitoring of log sources
  • Work with SOC Tier III analysts to develop and test monitoring and alerting use cases and maintain documentation
  • Apply best practices in the development of on premise and cloud-based security alerts based on both OEM and in-house developed detection logic
  • Assist with the configuration of SIEM tools to analyze security event data, detect suspicious activity, and alert on potential security incidents
  • Remove decommissioned, irrelevant or obsolete log sources
  • Validate logging system field extractions and correct as needed
  • Use of native cloud platform security tools and management consoles
  • Develops log aggregation system alerts and searches across instances, including allied businesses
  • Escalates cyber security events according to Lowe’s Incident Response Plan, as needed
  • Collaborates with technical teams to identify, resolve, and mitigate events
  • Develops products and reports that can be sent for awareness to various groups and levels of leadership


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