Senior Security Engineer - CO, US - Splunk

Security Engineer – Application Penetration Testing

You will be a part of an exciting new Red Team initiative and will be responsible for penetration testing Splunk’s suite of products (on-prem and cloud). You will be the go-to person for researching new threats, executing creati ve exploits and establishing an internal pen etration t est ing lab. In addition , you will work with external researchers and external penetration test ing vendors to ensure that all publicly known vulnerabilities are appropriately addressed by Splunk .

You will be an ideal candidate if you

  • Have significant penetration testing experience and offensive capabilities in numerous core competency areas primarily in applications, but networks, infrastructure (cloud and on-prem ) and mobile.
  • Track the latest developments in vulnerability research , and how they may impact Splunk or its customers .
  • Have a proven track record in participating in bug bounties .
  • Having a few CVEs in your name or public street cred (blogs, research, education) a big plus .
  • Have experience using standard tools for penetration testing and have the ability to develop tooling to solve new needs.

Required Skills

  • 4-7 Years experience in application, mobile and infrastructure pen etration testing.
  • Strong understanding of vulnerabilities, common attack vectors and how to resolve them.
  • Attacker mindset abili ty to think about different threats and creative attack vectors.
  • Well-rounded background in host, network, mobile and application security .
  • Effective written and oral communication

Desired Skills

  • Contributions to the security community such as research, public CVEs, bug-bounty recognitions, open-source projects, and blogs or publications.
  • Relevant development/scripting/automation experience in C++ , Javascript, Python , Go
  • Experience with Splunk


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