SOC Analyst - Cyber Attack Intrusion Training From Scratch to Advanced Level

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As cyber-attacks are rising, SOC Analyst Training is most important once and the companies are providing SOC Services or building Security Operation Center in which the SOC Team is responsible for the detection, Investigation & Remediation of all kinds of Cyberattacks.

SOC Analyst Training Description
  • We are providing training on Technology (Real-world Cyber Attacks) + Tool (SIEM) 
  • You will learn the tool on which most of the cybersecurity professionals are working. 
  • You will learn the technology on which cybersecurity works and step followed by professionals to stop and prevent attacks in real time. 
  • You will face the real challenge faced by professionals in their job responsibilities. 
  • You will be able to answer the complicated interview question from our training. 
  • You will work as same as a professional are working and will increase your confidence in cracking any cybersecurity interview. 
  • Lifetime access to the training on your device (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet etc.). 

You will join your dream companies at your choice of package by taking this SOC analyst Training

There is very demand for SOC Analyst (L1) and Sr SOC Analyst (L2) in Security Operation Center. The analyst works on SIEM tool for monitoring and analysis of the cyber attack.

In this SOC Training course, You will learn about the working of devices, protocols, ports, and services. You will learn about the real-world cyber-attacks and investigating attacks with the help of a network packet and device log.

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Course Duration

72 Lectures and 10+ Hours
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion
5000+ students enrolled


Vikram Saini  Threat Hunting | SOC/SIEM Specialist

Vikram has worked for well-known companies like Dell, Hilton, Moody's, and more in MSS SOC. I always enjoyed helping others learn and grow and I feeling proud to share my knowledge and experience on Udemy. which will help others to grow in Cyber Security.

This SOC Analyst training is intended for the Freshers & Experience Guys. Who is looking for a carrier opportunity in cybersecurity and for Experienced Guys this training will enhance the knowledge and skills required to work in Security Operation Center.

SOC Analyst Training contains in-depth content with practical explanation using the real-time Attacks and you will also get complete materials including books, PDF, practical guide, and more.

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