Certified Exploit Writer - Became a Master in Exploit Writing & Reverse Engineering

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Course Overview

Developing exploits for dangerous vulnerabilities is always a changing task and it requires a lot more skills. Exploit Development course techs the skills that required to analyze and the vulnerabilities and develop the tools, analyze the bugs, and write complex and relevant exploits against the modern operating system and software.

Skilled Exploit Writers from Ethical Hackers Academy developed a master level exploit development course to make it a simple and effective way of approach to learning exploit development easy with in-depth reverse engineering module to break down the vulnerability and sophisticated malware threats.

The exploit development course focusing on the most common vulnerabilities that affect the major vendors related to Operating system enterprise software, endpoints, smartphones, critical networks, government networks, and more.

The Exploit development and reverse engineering course start from basic to advanced level in which you will learn reversing compiled Windows applications, including using fuzzing, stack overflows, and heap overflows, shellcode, creating a module for Metasploit, in the end, you will be able to obtain deep skills to write exploits for web-based vulnerabilities database vulnerabilities, Linux kernel bugs, windows bugs and more.

Exploit development course focus to write an exploit for the most dangerous Windows vulnerabilities such as Remote Code Exploitation, buffer overflow, Scripting Engine Memory Corruption, Elevation of Privilege, Information Disclosure, and Memory Corruption vulnerabilities.

End of the training, you will be fully capable of finding vulnerabilities and developing exploits for them.

The Exploit Development course Material including various phases that includes Programming, Exploitation, Networking, Shellcode, Cryptology and various exploitation modules such as handling Buffer Overflows, Stack-Based Buffe, Format String where you will learn and finding Format String Vulnerability, Reading from Arbitrary Memory Addresses, Writing to Arbitrary Memory Addresses, Direct Parameter Access, Another note search Vulnerability and more.

Our Author of the Exploit Development course has more than 10 years of experience in writing complex exploit for most sophisticated and most exploited vulnerabilities and a complete practical guide that will show you how to become an expert in that field.

You will also get the worth $200 "A Complete Exploit writing from Scratch" book for free along with the complete video training materials.

Course Duration & Access

1 300+ Topics
2 100+ Hands-on Exercises
3 200+ HD Videos
4 20+ Hours of Content
5  Watch Video from Android & iOS Apps
6 Life Time Access Content
7 24/7 Live Technical support
8 Complete Practical Training
9  Download Access
10 Guidance to Setup the Own Lab

Who this course is for:

Anyone who interested in Bug Bounty programming.

Anyone who is interested in malware analysis reverse engineering.

Anyone who is interested to become an exploit writer.

Anyone who Interested in analyzing the real-world cyber-attacks and analyzing the most common and frequently exploited vulnerabilities.

Anyone interested in Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development.

Anyone interested in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.



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