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Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime Investigation Course

The Computer Forensics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence. The goal of a forensic investigation is to find out what exactly happened in the system and who is responsible for it. This Computer forensics course gives you a depth Knowledge to handle an Investigation.

Forensic investigators use to isolate the system and take a digital copy of the device and it will be examined using a variety of methods and tools.

A common technique utilized in computer forensics is that the recovery of deleted files. The modern forensic software system has their own tools for recovering or carving out deleted data.

A number of open source and commercial tools exist for computer forensics investigation. The typical forensic analysis includes a manual review of material on the media, reviewing the Windows registry for suspect information, discovering and cracking passwords, keyword searches for topics related to the crime, and extracting e-mail and pictures for review.

Are you eager to learn Computer Forensics course and Cyber Crime Investigation and want to be a profound Forensics Investigator? If your answer is YES, then this course is only for you. I specially framed this course to Transform Your Life from what you are today to what you actually want to be.

You, Will, Get Knowledge in Below Topics After Completing this Computer Forensics Course

* Investigation process in Computer Forensics
* Legal issues involved in Digital Forensics investigations
* Searching evidence and digital footprints on Criminal Computer
* Use of Kali Linux in Computer Forensics
* Methodologies of Acquisition and seizing Digital devices
* Digital evidence, their types, examination processes
* Electronic crime and their categories
* Setting up forensic lab in computer
* Knowledge of windows forensics
* Volatile and non-volatile information gatherings
* Forensics analysis of RAM Dump
* Recover deleted files and hard disk partitions
* Steganography, Steganalysis
* Concepts of password cracking and investigating password attacks
* Generating investigative reports
* Multimedia Forensics
* Anti-Forensics Techniques used by Hackers to erase evidences.

Along with the course, we are offering the bonus module Cyber Crime Investigation of Website Hacking, Social Media Crime & Email Crime Investigation.

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