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What is Ethical Hacking? List of Online Training Grounds for Ethical Hackers

You might have heard the word called “Hacking”. This is the process that helps to find the vulnerabilities in the system and exploit them to gain access to the information in the system.

When you are reading this article, it is pretty evident that you have little knowledge about ethical hacking. But we make sure that you get the complete information about it.

This is also well-known as penetration testing or pen-testing. It legally breaks into computers and devices so that it can test the organization’s defenses.

This is main work for the IT person, and they also get paid for this. Their main job is to use the latest technology and break into computers without any threat.

The company keeps ethical hackers to identify the vulnerabilities. If you see the penetration testing point of view, then it has no downside.

If your system already got hacked in the past then you have given the chance to the client to hack again and the attacker can easily discover that hole. If you have searched and did not get anything, your client will become very happy thinking that he is secure enough where paid hackers could not break the system.

The hacking experts can follow a few key concepts of ethical hacking. It can stay legal so that it can define the scope of the organisation’s boundary.

Here you can get the list of the platform which are the great deal to build your skills.


CTF365 concept has come from the internet, which guided by CTF competition, and was crafted for the ITC industry.

It helps to train and improve web security. It provides a platform where users can get the train and learn about defensive and offensive security. In this, users can learn to improve the security skills, get trained to write even more better, and secure the code for the web application.

This is the perfect web testing platform where you will get hands-on training for security professionals. This is also a good place for the penetration challenge includes name, course, wargame capture the Flag, and much more.


This is one of the best but different portals where you need to practice pentesting skills. Not only that, you can also solve CTF-like puzzles, which can offer CTF tasks, virtual local network, vulnerable VMs, etc.

You can get many challenges where you need to interact with things with a remote host. To make things more convenient, you can use WebSSH for connecting to the browser directly.

Another most exciting feature of this portal is CTF. This is the mode where you need to choose 20 rooms, and these rooms will be active only for four hours. As soon as you join the room, you will get complete information about the target and location.

A few rooms have the full-size of labs where network consists with several VMs with the AD controller. It takes little effort to overcome things.

Hack This Site

It is another hacker wargames site that is free and safe. It is a legal training ground for the hacks to quickly test and expand their hacking skills by doing other challenges.

Few sites are active since from 2003, and they have many other hacking wargames sites. Since there are different sites you need to have the different breathing community including hacking knowledge, technical hobbies, project development, programming expertise, and much more.

Hacker Test

Hacker Test is one type of test which is well-written and it makes pass those people who have the good raw coding ability and problem solving skill.

This test also indicates that you are good at programming or not but you need to undergo with 10-15 test cases including boundary conditions, to get absurd input on your output, space and time complexity.

Whenever you solve any hacker test problem, you need to keep all these in mind and mention the clean code. You also need to remember that the third one is the toughest question where most testcases fail.

If you are good at other programming competition, you may not have the quality testcases, you can find on the hacker test.

The best thing to pass the hacker test is to write the code that can solve the problem, but has to be efficient, which can do the complexity for both time and space.

You need to keep this in mind, then you will definitely pass the test case.

Smash The Stack

Smash The Stack together is a slang term used for manipulating programs in a certain programming language. It basically refers to attempting the cause change where you can access the memory to produce bugs and solve the problematic situation.

This is also well-known as trash the stack, mangle the stack or scribble the stack. In ‘C’ related language it got stack with the abstract data that the memory access controls.

Here the returning variable passes from one procedure to another, or it allocates the variables used in the functions.

Functions and procedures get passes between two variables which get used in the process. In normal case function and procedure pass the variable from each other to manage the dynamic allocation.


We hope these above playground can help you improve your skills to become a proper ethical hacker. Here you can get all types of online courses at an affordable price.

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