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Five Best Cybersecurity Courses for Freshers in 2019

Cybersecurity is one of the best areas to set up your career, especially with the demand in the market for experts this has also become a well-paid profession. Cybercriminals are continuously targeting organizations for key information, or cause havoc over their business and halt their operations.

Not only organizations even common people could become victim to cyber attacks through their smartphones and tablets. Building strong cybersecurity and the skills to do that will always be in demand until computers and internet prevail. Equipping yourself with the right cybersecurity course could help you build an effective and promising career in cybersecurity. With more attacks happening every day, the right skills learned through right cybersecurity courses can be beneficial to set up the career.

There are different types of cybersecurity courses available in the market, Beginner, Advanced and Expert. Based on your level of exposure to IT management, you can choose your courses accordingly. In this article, we’ll look at five different cybersecurity courses that would help strengthen your cyber skills.

1. Master in Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

This course is a package that offers ethical hacking, advanced web hacking and more. Assuming the candidate doesn’t have enough prior knowledge in hacking, this course will allow users to hack the systems like professional hackers at the end of the course.

Master in Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Course

It all begins with network hacking lessons where you will learn testing security of networks, basic network terminologies, network workflows, and communications. Followed by that you will jump into Access permissions, Post exploitation, and Website/Web application hacking procedures.

Apart from the above sessions, you will also get exposed to advanced penetration testing courses, like Gathering information, Discovering-exploiting-mitigating procedures, and finally Post exploitation procedures.

Ethical Hackers Academy

2. Advanced Web Hacking and Penetration Testing

With training towards hacking websites and penetrating highly confidential vaults, this course offers lessons to the ones, who don’t have any prior knowledge on hacking.

Advance Web Hacking

Taking care of domains like Information Gathering, Discovery-Exploitation-Mitigation, Secret file uploads, Code executions, Local file inclusion, SQL injections, XSS, Insecure session management, Brute force attacks, dictionary attacks and finally Post exploitation.

3. SOC Analyst-Cyberattack Intrusion Training

This course provides SOC lessons for building an effective security operation center where the team will take care of malware/attack detection, investigation and remedy procedures.

SOC Analyst Course

Opportunity to understand real-world cyber attacks and SIEM procedures, and the cybersecurity tool that is used by cyber professionals, procedures followed to stop a cyber attack in real-time, real challenges faced by cyber professionals will be shared and experienced, training on the interview questions, lifetime access to training programs through laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

Since there is a good demand for the SOC analyst in the market, with Security Operation Center, this could be an optimum choice if your area of interest is the same.

SOC analyst Course

4. Master in Python Programming for Hacking

This course will introduce you to Python programming and ethical hacking as a whole. Python is an effective programming language to hack into systems which the black hat hackers use frequently. This course will also help you code in default with Python not limiting to hacking.

Mastering Python Programming

Programming topics will cover all the basics like data structures, functions, loops, regex, threading, exceptions, serialization, parsing and more. along with that comes topics like DNS spoofing, ARP spoofing, Network mapping, Spying and more.

Mastering in Python

5. Advanced Malware Analysis

Malware has become very sophisticated recently using advanced techniques to encrypt data and the communication channels, along with better escape protocols. This course will teach you better malware detection, analysis and mitigation procedures that can prevent cybercriminals from lurking around your network devices.

Malware Analysis Bundle

Covering Threat Intelligence Analysis- including hunting, features extraction, behavior extraction, clustering and correlation, threat actor attribution, tracking and taking down malware. Along with these comes advanced persistent threat analysis addressing spear phishing and more sophisticated takedown procedures by exploiting network vulnerabilities or a zero-day.

Malware Analysis Bundle

All the above-mentioned courses will gear you up for cybersecurity roles in the market, but we need to understand only continuous improvement and upgrading ourselves to cyber threats will keep us intact in this field of IT security. Understand the courses, make your choice and enroll it right away.

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