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How to Become an IT Security Consultant – Certification Path

An IT security consultant is someone who operates for several businesses evaluating risks, problems and providing solutions for security concerns. The expert may work as a substantial security expert or as an IT consultant who serves with computers. Thus working as a significant or IT security consultant, it is a rewarding role to help people with their safety problems and requirements. 

Therefore security experts may work for advising firms or as self-employed constructors, but all of these specialists require basic training and certification to serve in their sectors. Well, nowadays, with the rise in attacks, IT security has grown as an important part and directing industry to seek for help and proper solutions. Thus the demand for operators in the industry has progressed up.

Hence, the organizations have executed it their top preference to draw in expertise that can help in the security of their infrastructure and digital data. Hence, in a field of IT security, that has posts that are reaching the sky, only the ones with the most advanced and the greatest skills will succeed. Thus several certifications that are universally identified, drafting out the right IT security education path may be outstanding. 

A security expert simply utilizes his/her comprehensive expertise on the subject to encourage organizations and businesses to defend and ensure their physical, monetary, and knowledge capital, like properties, office buildings, computer systems, and several other items.

IT Security Consultant

Increasing advancement in technology comes to the enhanced risk of hacking assaults. The purpose of the cybersecurity or IT security consultant is essential to each organization, whether its government or private, for serving to stop these security threats. IT security consultants impose software, computer systems, and networks for issues, then create and execute the best security clarifications for an organization’s requirements. 

They play the key role of both the attacker and the victim, simply to potentially utilize vulnerabilities. Thus, many IT security consultants are former hackers who have selected to enter the business after witnessing firsthand how weak companies are towards security threats. Thus IT security consultant is the real-world similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi, like a guide, advisor or we can say that it is an all-round security expert. 

Therefore a security consultant utilizes his/her immense expertise on the matter to escort organizations to preserve and secure their physical, financial, and data capital, like properties, office buildings, computer systems, and several other items. Basically, the security consultants’ specializations survive in sectors such as computer security, building security, or humanmade security/natural hazard, that’s why the consultants may operate as self-employed constructors or as consulting firms.

Certification Path To Follow

Well, there are various certificate paths to follow to become an IT security consultant. Those who are pursuing these filed for there career they must follow the way that we have mentioned below.

CompTIA Security+

For a perfect starting time in a cyber-security certification path, a CompTIA Security+ certification does its wonderful job.

This certification includes both practical and theory certificates in a broad range of protection topics such as network intrusions and countermeasures, risk control, application protection, operational safety, and agreement.

This certification is recognized as a high certificate for entry-level talent, by government companies such as the US Department of Defense. Hence, the door to an extensive range of opportunities in the public sector are presented.

Thus the foremost certifying organizations and companies like IBM use the Security+ certification as a requirement for their training and certification courses. 

Ethical Hacking

With Ethical hacking certification, network security professionals are trained in whereby to think like wicked hackers.

With the methods and tools utilized by hackers, experts those who are certified in ethical hacking are directed to perfectly identify any custom vulnerabilities and perform appropriate safeguard and countermeasures. While it is obvious that Ethical hacking has its center on penetration testing, its versatility and marketability transcend this corner.

CompTIA Pentest+

For Penetration Tester, the CompTIA Pentest+ certification is one of the most important requirements. The Pentesters who are CompTIA Pentest+ certified have the advanced skills to examine computer systems, Penetrate the system to find the vulnerability, Planning and Scoping of the Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment, Real-time Cyber Attacks, Exploit and manage compliance at risk levels, Exploit host-based vulnerabilities, Complete post-exploit tasks.


The CISSP certification is an essential certification that comes at the proficient level. Basically, the professionals who are certified CISSPs own in-depth experience of real-world techniques in ten of the essential cybersecurity domains comprising risk management, system security, business continuity, policy recreation, software construction security, employment security, and administrative compliance. Along with 5+ years of expertise in two or more of the 8 CISSP security domains can apply for this exam to get approved.


The CISM certification specialists achieve mastery of four skill fields, which are essential and important to cybersecurity management. These skills cover risk management, information security governance, measure response, and protection program invention. Unlike to CISSP, CISM does not include as many domains and different methods. The essential advantage of this certification is the center it holds on how data security meets the larger picture, as the connection between broader enterprise goals and protection programs.

Positions that you should dock to get to the top

To enhance the position for becoming a Security Consultant, count on obtaining some job experience in the standard level protection jobs such as

  • Security Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Expert
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Engineer

If you are studying for a salary walk and an opportunity to lead a huger team, certain jobs are reasonable, and here they are

  • Security Manager
  • Security Architect
  • IT Project Manager

Some jobs pay the highest priority and they are

  • CISO
  • Security Director
  • Security Expert

Salary Prospects

Salaries for security experts differ as it depends on worker training, education, certification, and practice.

As per the central salary that an IT security Expert receives is 6,609,014.43INR per annum.

The entire pay, although, is within 3,942,732.24INR – $147,143, which covers a bonus, commission, and profit-sharing as well.


So, with the help of this article, we tried our best to cover all about the IT security consultant. As here in this article, we have mentioned everything about the field, positions, certifications, skills, salary, and many more. So, an individual who are pursuing to become an IT security consultant, then they should know how to develop their career in this field. Well, we assume that this will be fast and transparent data for you to determine about going ahead in the field of IT security consultant. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this post then simply do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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