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What is Metasploit Framework and How to use Metasploit

The Metasploit Framework is an open-source project offers public resources that develop the code and research security vulnerabilities. It allows the network administrator to break their network, which recognized the security threat. In this, everything is documented and vulnerability gets decide fast.

Metasploit Framework also facilitates the penetration testing and does the automated comparison of the vulnerability program and it also has the patched version. This is an advanced evasion tool that can create the framework of the Metasploit.

There are few key points are discussed below

  1. This type of project facilitates the opcode database, shellcode database, Metasploit express, and Metasploit pro.
  2. Metasploit Framework includes shellcode which one type of exploit code to accomplishing the specific goal. This type of common goal includes reverse telnet and rootkit of the machine of the attacker.
  3. Metasploit Framework also allows doing the payload database, which allows the pen tester to experiment with the codes.

A History of Metasploit Framework

In 2003, Metasploit Framework had been undertaken by the H.D.Moore to make it use a Perl-based portable network tool. This assistance was given by the core developer Matt Miller. After that, it was getting corrected and completely get converted by Ruby by 2007.

This got license which the Rapid7 acquired in 2009. Moreover, it is a part of the Boston-based company with IDS signature, and it is targeted to exploit anti-forensic, evasion, and fuzzing tools.

This type of tool resides everything within Metasploit framework and gets built into the Linux OS. It is also developed by the two proprietaries of Metasploit Pro, Express and OpenCore Tool.

This is the framework which has to exploit development including mitigation tool. It is a Metasploit Framework which work as a pentester and perform all the solution manually by using of the variety of device.

It will not support the platform which was foe testing, and writing by their code and introducing it to the network manually. It is remote testing thing that is virtually unheard of and limited with the security specialist. He will reach the local area and companies to discuss everything with the security consultants.

How to use Metasploit Framework?

Are you thinking  how to use this Metasploit Framework? then let us inform you that the information gathering phase integrate seamlessly with the Nmap. SNMP does the scanning and windows patch enumeration along with others.

There was a bridge issue which the vulnerability scanner had controlled and it is pretty much reconnaissance tool when you can think to integrate this with Metasploit Framework, you can make this possible to find the chink and this is what you are looking for.

As soon as you identify the weakness, you need to start hunting Metasploit’s extensible and extensive database, which can exploit that crack, and you can get it.

After you target the machine, Metasploit’s quiver contains a full suite that includes few post-exploitation tools like privilege escalation, packet sniffing, pass the hash, screen capture, pivoting tool and keyloggers. You need to set the persistent backdoor so that questions get rebooted.

Every year features are getting added for the Metasploit include fuzzer. It helps to identify the potential security that flaws the binaries and make the list of auxiliary modules too long.

It is a high-level view which Metasploit Framework can do, and the framework is easily extensible to enjoy the active community. However you want it will act, but if it does not act exactly in the same way, you can certainly tweak the suit.

You can find the Master in Hacking with Metasploit which is highly practical and also it covers them to make you understand clearly.

Who Can use Metasploit Framework?

This is a wide-range of open-source availability that everyone can use from the growing area of DevSecOps. This tool is very comfortable for those people who need reliability and an easy-to-install device. It also helps to complete the task whichever platform it gets used.

This Metasploit Framework is so famous that it is available with maximum hackers. It can reinforce the requirement like other security professionals so that it can become the familiar with the framework and not use it.

Metasploit Framework includes 25 platforms like Cisco, Python, PHP, Java, Android, and much more. This carries almost 500 payloads; those are discussing below

  1. Command Shell Payloads- This allows the user to execute the random command against the host.
  2. Meterpreter Payloads- This user permits to commandeering device to monitor the VMC and take over the session or download the file.
  3. Dynamic Payloads- This type of payload permit the user to produce the specific payload so that it gets the capacity to avoid the antivirus software.
  4. Static Payloads- This allows users to enable the communication between the port forwarding and several networks.

Advantage of Metasploit Framework

Let us discuss some significant advantages of the Metasploit Framework, those are talking about below

  1. Open-source- Metasploit Framework is actively developed and an open-source software, so most of the companies prefer this to grow their business. There are few tools that are paid and still exist to carry the penetration testing.
    Anyways the Metasploit Framework permit the user so that can add their custom modules for accessing its code. It has a chargeable pro version and for the sake of gaining it will do the community edition.
  2. Easy naming convention and support to test the large networks- It is very easy to use, defining easy naming conversation with the commands. This also facilitates ease building to an extensive penetration test of the network. Though it is a manual exploitation method, we need to exploit things into 200 systems manually. Metasploit Framework always provides a large number of energy and time.
  3. GUI Environment- It mainly provides the third-party instance which is friendly like Armitage, these are interfaces which ease the penetration testing projects by providing the facilities service as button click, over the fly vulnerability management, easy-to-shift workspaces, etc.
  4. Cleaner exits- This tool is very much liable to work like a cleaner for throughout the system. One more important aspect is when we will know that the service will not get reboot immediately. It will also give the lot of function for the post-exploitation. It works like a persistence that can support maintaining the access with the server so that it can become permanent soon.


Metasploit Framework has a different type of suit for the different application and Rapid7 provides the free version of this Metasploit Framework. This is a web-based free user interface in the community. This in one type of Pro version which works non-free for the pen-testers.

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