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What are the Top Network Security Certifications that help you to Getting Hired

The entire world is moving with the digital existence, including individuals and organizations. We very much rely on the virtual presence.

Everything is getting done digitally where every information includes like private data, important information, monetary transaction, etc. In this era, you get a new type of criminals called hackers.

They do not do the robbery on the bank, but they hack the server to steal your data, bank password, photos and make sure that the organization gets shut down.

This threat is increasing day by day where our India has many experts, cyber security agents, to stop this. They all are certified agents and experience enough. As a fresher, if you want a long-lasting career, then you can do the certification course.

This cyber security course helps your programmer understand the system’s vulnerabilities in the system and after that agents try to fix it.

It also releases the security patches in exact time so that it can keep the software architecture safe. This helps the company to sustain themselves in this competitive world.

If you do the masters in Cyber Security, you need four years of Bachelor’s Degree in information technology or Computer Science. In this course includes programming foundation, database, Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, and Cryptography.

Master’s Degree takes additional two years after the Bachelor’s Degree. In this, you will get the advanced instruction which protects infrastructure and computer network from the threats.

You will also learn about the different ethics, policies, cybersecurity procedure, and some other security measures. Here you will get the best cybersecurity certification which can help you to make the correct decision.

Top Network Security Certifications

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

This is one type of certification that teach you how to think and act completely like a hacker. The topic covers hacking technology, information security law, vulnerabilities, standards, etc.

Students have to undergo with the real-time scenario to expose the hacking. He will also know how to hack by scanning and protect the client’s system.

This course is beneficial for the security professionals and site administrators who are special concern about network security. This certification provides you the edge so that you can get the penetration testing job.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

CISM is the top credential for IT professionals. This is basically for enterprise-level application, and it is developed to make the security level best.

For getting this certification, aspirants has to have five years of cybersecurity experience. Though this is a combination of education and experience and this is a substitute for this requirement.

CISM is three years of course. The registered holder needs to pay the annual fees and have the advanced certification skills like Program development & management, security risk management, governance, incidents management and response.

CompTIA Security+

This is one of the best general level certifications for newcomers in this cyber technology world. This is two years of course, and it covers almost all IT concepts.

It makes you learn effective security policies, network threats and defense techniques, network and host-based security practices, etc.

This will also make you learn disaster recovery, where it follows encryption standards and its product.

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

There are many IT students who takes this certification as an essential requirement that helps them to become a perfect saver. This course is the depth knowledge of network security where you also get the vendor-independent certification.

You do not need any exceptional capability to apply for this, and since it is a broader variety set-ups, you need to use before.

After the completion of course, to get this certification, you need 3-5 years. Once it’s got complete, this can be, one of the best knowledge assets among anyone. This course includes cryptography, access control, telecommunication, and networking.

GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)

This is one type of certification where the candidate has to have five years of relevant work experience. This is an entry-level of accreditation which can give you ‘hands-on’ security roles.

This training includes technical skills which help you to identify and prevent the wireless attack. This certification also teaches candidate for password management, authentication, DNS, ICMP, cryptography fundamentals, Linux, network mapping, etc.

After taking this certification, you need to renew every four years, you also need to pay to maintain this certificate. This certification includes information security management, information security incident management, risk management and compliance, program development management, etc.

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)

This ECSA is similar to the CEH certification, giving you a better understanding of the hacking tool. It is also provide you with knowledge about the latest technology.

By doing this certification, you will also learn about network server administrator, firewall administrator, information security tester, etc.

To become perfect risk assessment professional, you have to opt for ECSA certification.

GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)

This certification is best for those people who want duties target base. In this, you need to assess the target network and search the security vulnerability.

This GIAC covers almost all type of securities like advanced password attacks, password format, hashes, escalation, exploitation, persistence attacks, etc.

This tester certification is popular due to its subjects which they make you study and make sure that you will become perfect in every hacking activity. In subjects includes scanning, host discovery, penetration testing, PowerShell, and many more.

Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

This certification ensures that after you pass the examination you must have the advanced technical skill that you can implement with confidence.

You will also have the knowledge to monitor security practices, procedures, etc. As a cybersecurity expert, you must know about the policies and established that.

It is a high level of certification and after perusing, you can become a manager, director, IT administrator, security professionals, etc.

Certified in Risk and Information System Control (CRISC)

This is an enterprise risk management qualification that is best for professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and get experience in IT, identification, business risk, and much more.

This is one of the best certifications which helps IT professionals to work with real threats. For every employers, this gives a high value on their career. This is risk assessment management because company’s trust will be on you.

If you become certified on this, you will have many options in your career like Risk professional, business analysts, project manager, control professional, compliance professionals, etc.

Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)

This certification mainly focuses on the Information Auditing where professionals will have good auditing options and manage the companies’ vulnerabilities.

To get this certification you minimum need five years of prior experience since it is a professional certification so only on-job people can only do.

This certification will make you an expert on IT management, information system auditing, protection, other information assets, etc.


Before you start your career, you need to understand your requirement and which service you are looking for? In this era, there is no exact time or year to get into the new thing to build your career by doing above courses.

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