Ethical hackers Academy had organized a webinar on 25th July 2021, about Ethical Hacking which was attended by individuals who like to start a career in Ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

The hands-on workshop started with an introduction to ethical hacking and filling up the audience about what is cybersecurity and why is it necessary to be aware of it, especially in today’s world, which is at the peak of technology spread.

The webinar objective was to introduce newbies to an interesting and out-of-the-world domain that is least spread among the crowd, and the basics of Ethical Hacking for beginners to start with.

Academic institutions in India are currently under locked down phase and thus the students are finding it difficult to cope up with changed learning priorities.

This webinar's overall motive is to provide the audience with a new domain of career in the modern world and a wholesome knowledge about cybersecurity and its importance.

Ethical hackers and pen testers alike play crucial roles in identifying security threats and vulnerabilities to exploit before it’s too late.

We provide with E-certificate to all the participants of the webinar.