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Android Hacking & Bug Bounty 2023

This comprehensive Android hacking course teaches you not only how to break into any Android app but also how to profit legally from your newfound skills.

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With this Android Hacking course, you will learn how to hack all kind of android application, not only hacking, you learn how to earn legally by hacking.


It’s all 100 percent legal, Earning by hacking lawfully is thought as bug bounty program, 250+ corporations have a bug bounty program, Facebook paid five million to hackers, Google paid over $6.00USD million and plenty of others to pay. One earns millions to one hundred,000$/month, thus primarily, the bug bounty program is wherever hackers get obtained hacking and revealing bugs to the parent company, if you would like to earn by hacking suggests that this course is for you, this course can assist you to induce started within the bug bounty program.

Topics Covered

Top 10 Security issues
all types of vulnerability
Reports on miscellaneous vulnerabilities,
Installing Terminal
Application security
Lots of software in Kali Linux OS Practicals like Android application Teardown
Application signing
Android startup Process

Course Duration

53 Lectures and 3:30 Hours
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion
80 students enrolled

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