Certified Red Team Expert - A Complete Training With Real World Attacks

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Course Overview

With this Certified Red Team Training Expert level course, you will learn about how to hack or attack target systems in the real world. This Read Team Ethical hacking course developed by Silicon Valley Hackers actually helps you get the hacking job or penetration testing!

In this online Red Team Training course, you will learn about a real-world cyber-attack, prevention, analyzing the cyber threat, break down the attack vectors, and Complete Practical Training.

Red Team Training Course Description

With this Certified Red Team Training Course, you will have not only a solid understanding of Ethical Hacking but also how Teams work at the Enterprise Scale, working with Executives and smashing the Interview.

This Red Team Training course Bundle is highly practical but it won't neglect the theory, so we'll start with ethical hacking basics and the different fields in penetration testing.

What the Course Covers

1 Building, Managing, and Attacking an Enterprise Active
2 Directory Infrastructure
3 Full Guide to Python Programming
4 Real World Up to Date Exploitation Techniques
5  Custom Fix of Public Exploit Code
6 How and What Kerberos is
7 How a Red Team Works at a Silicon Valley Company
8 Passive and Active Reconnaissance tools and Techniques
9 Custom Fix of Public Exploit Code
10 Passive and Active Reconnaissance tools and Techniques
11 Living off the Land and Moving Laterally across the network
12 The ability to creatively deploy persistence and backdoor
13 binaries
14 How Penetration Tests Actually Work and their Methodologies
15 Beginner to Intermediate Networking
16 High Level and Low-Level Crash Course on Linux Operating
17 System Internals
18 Full Guide to Assembly Programing and Manual Shellcode Generation
19 Building out your own Red Team at a large organization
20 Build out a sophisticated in-home lab
21 Breaking Jail Shells
22 Smashing the Job Interview
23 Job Hunting the Silicon Valley Way

Why is this course beneficial for You?

This Course designed you on the path to becoming a Red Team Expert by covering the key areas with high accuracy.  We have helped more than 50,000 learners to obtain their dream job in Cyber Security.

    Who is this course for?

    • Network Penetration tester
    • Network Security Professionals
    • Network Admins
    • System Administrators
    • Vulnerability tester
    • security researcher
    • Red Team member
    • SOC Analyst
    • Security Engineer
    • Security analyst (II)
    • Vulnerability assessment analyst
    • Network security operations
    • Application security vulnerability

    Read Team Training Course Includes

    1 400+ Topics
    2 180+ Hands-on Exercises
    3 300+ HD Videos
    4 30+ Hours of Content
    5  Watch Video from Android & iOS Apps
    6 Life Time Access Content
    7 24/7 Live Technical support
    8 Complete Practical Training
    9  Download Access
    10 Guidance to build your own virtual lab and to practice the attacking methodologies


    About Instructor

    My name is Brandon Dennis. I am the Instructor of this Red Team Training Course. I have over 8+ years of experience with Ethical Hacking and Red Teaming. I have worked at everything from Silicon Valley Companies to smaller 10 man organizations. I speak publicly, published 0-day exploits, and open-source countless projects on everything from Custom Windows Token Impersonation Toolkits to In Memory Bypasses.

    I am currently an Ethical Hacker for a Silicon Valley company and CEO of RedTeam Nation. I develop all of my courses based on realistic goals of getting students where they need to go in their careers.


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