Cloud Linux Security and Linux Forensic - Complete Bundle

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Course Overview

Bring greater efficiency to your IT infrastructure by learning to employ the standardized and finely tuned processes of the Linux operating system in your enterprise environment.


Linux Forensics

In this training course, you gain the foundational knowledge and skills to administer and support your Linux OS, and learn to control permissions, process data, and perform administrative tasks.

Administer and support Linux in your environment

Manage and automate GNU open-source tools

Create, edit, and search files and directories

Connect to network services

Run shell scripts for automation

Linux Cloud Security

This course provides the basics of Linux and introduces cloud security in a rare blend that allows the student to learn both subject matters in one instance. Linux is becoming more of the go-to command based function even in the cloud-based environment.

The course is applicable to all levels, whether you are new to Linux and cloud security or if you are a seasoned veteran that's looking re-familiarize yourself with technical techniques and concepts.


Corey Charles

Corey Charles is Security+, Qualys Vulnerability Management Specialist Certified. Mr. Charles has 11 years experience in IT Security with a direct focus in Vulnerability Management. Mr. Charles also taught on the collegiate level, teaching IT Security at Herzing University.

Mr. Charles also holds two Bachelors of Arts Degrees, Digital Design, and Media Arts, one Associates, Digital Design from Tulane University. Two Master Degrees from Strayer University, Master of Science in Computer 
Security Management and Master of Science in Computer Forensics Management. He holds an Executive Graduate Certification in Computer Networking.


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