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Became a GDPR Compliance Expert – Master Bundle

In this course, We’ll learn how to create websites by structuring and styling your pages with HTML and CSS.

In this Complete GDPR Course Bundle, you will learn what Security Incident Response, Data Protection, Data Protection Compliance and how it relates to GDPR Data Privacy, and if you are used to my style, you will do it from 3 perspectives: theory, processes, and technology. You will be able to apply our security methodologies, security frameworks and security processes for your own environment.


The course is a complete A to Z bundle, so we will cover everything that you need to know. In this way, we will first understand Security Incident Response challenges, the difference between a NOC and a SOC (Security Operation Center) and how the latest can help in defining the Security Incident Response Process.

You will learn how Data Privacy Officers (DPOs) perform their jobs and most important what they are looking for when assuring management commitment.

Part of the documents includes the GDPR assessment tool, GDPR Data Privacy Impact, GDPR Implementation Guide, GDPR Data Breach Procedure etc. Learn how to hire a DPO (Data Privacy Officer) and what are the needed skills for the job. Also, learn how to initiate the role.

You will be able to analyze a company GDPR compliance program and to think properly by step by step examples. You will be able to use our templates and provide step by step recommendations.

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