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Complete CompTIA Security Bundle – Security+, CySA+ & Pentest+

Do you long to work in the field of cyber security? The world’s greatest CompTIA security bundle, including the Security+, Pentest+, and CySA+ certification exams, is now available here.

Are you eager to become a Cyber Security Professional? here we have introduced the world’s best CompTIA security bundle that includes three courses Security+, Pentest+, CySA+


CompTIA certification is a globally recognized one, it gives you knowledge on application security, devices, networks, mitigation techniques, policies, regulations, laws, and much more that helps obtain the certification.

CompTIA offers 3 Major certifications (Security+, Pentest+, CySA+) focused on Cybersecurity.

CompTIA Security + SY0-601

Certification focused on basic Level Skills that are intended to be designed for Beginners who are eager to enter into the cybersecurity domain with the skills that focused on application security, devices, networks, mitigation techniques, policies, regulations, laws, Threats, attacks, Technologies and Tools, Cryptography and PKI, vulnerabilities and all the area in Cybersecurity in beginners level.

Why Should I Take CompTIA Security+?

1. Global recognition and credibility
2. Expanded career opportunities in cybersecurity
3. Vendor-neutral knowledge applicable across platforms
4. Comprehensive understanding of security principles
5. In-depth knowledge of industry best practices.

What will you Learn?

1. Identifying threats and vulnerabilities to mitigate before they infiltrate IS
2. Understanding safe virtualization, secure application deployment and automation concepts
3. Identifying and implementing the best protocols and encryption
4. Monitoring and protecting hybrid circumstances, including cloud, mobile and IoT
5. Installing and configuring identity and access services and management controls
6. Installing, configuring and deploying network components while assessing and addressing issues to support organizational security
7. Implementing and summarizing risk management best practices and the business impact they have
8. Installing and configuring wireless security settings and implementing public key infrastructure
9. Understanding penetration testing and vulnerability scanning solutions and detecting compromise
10 . Understanding the benefits of compliance

CompTIA Pentest+ (PT0-002) 

Pentest+ n intermediate-level certification is the most recognized certification program in the penetration testing domain and the course has fully focused on real-time penetration testing with the help of hundreds of protesting tools and techniques.

Taking the CompTIA Pentest+ certification can provide you with several benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider pursuing the Pentest+ certification:

  • Planning and Scoping
  • Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Attacks and Exploits
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Tools and Code Analysis

Why Should You Take CompTIA Pentest+

It focuses on complete practical Penetration test training for IT cybersecurity professionals with three to four years of hands-on information security or related experience looking to start or advance a career in pen testing, But it’s not limited to beginners.

  • Industry recognition: The CompTIA Pentest+ certification is well-respected in the industry as proof of one’s proficiency in the field of penetration testing.
  • High demand: Pentesting skills are in high demand in the cybersecurity industry. By learning the Pentest+ certification, you can tap into a growing job market with numerous career opportunities.
  • Career advancement:If you’re looking to develop your career in cybersecurity, earning your Pentest+ certification can help you do just that.
  • Skill validation:The certification verifies your knowledge of how to spot security flaws, do penetration tests, and lessen risks.u
  • Comprehensive knowledge: Pentest+’s depth of coverage gives you an extensive understanding in penetration testing basics.
  • Stay updated: Preparing for Pentest+ ensures that you are up-to-date on the most recent cybersecurity developments and best practices.

CompTIA CySA+ (C00-002)

CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-002) Certification course focused on Enterprise level Training for handling advanced-level cyber attacks with real-time scenarios.

CySA+ conceals the most up-to-date core skills used by Threat Intelligence Analysts, Application Security Analysts, compliance analysts, incident responders and handlers, and threat hunters and helps fight against them both the interior and exterior of Security Operations.

Threat Management

  • To identify and address security events, identify the tools, strategies, and indications of compromise (IOCs).
  • Implement and use vulnerability management and threat intelligence processes.
  • Analyze information and suggest remedies to support organizational security.
  • To find threats and weaknesses in the environment, conduct security assessments.

Vulnerability Management

  • Implement vulnerability management procedures, support them, and evaluate the outcomes.
  • Compare and contrast typical weaknesses, then list the hazards that go along with them.
  • Conduct vulnerability scans, then examine the results to find security flaws.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and offer mitigation measures.

Cyber Incident Response

  • Develop incident response strategies and carry out incident response procedures.
  • Utilizing the proper tools and methodologies, perform data analysis and triage.
  • Utilize mitigation strategies for frequent attack and vulnerability types
  • Common logs can be analyzed and interpreted and then used to help investigations.

Tools and Security Architecture

  • Implement security solutions for deploying hosts, infrastructure, and applications.
  • Design and implement secure network architecture principles.
  • Install identity and access management tools.
  • Implement secure software, hardware, and storage design.

Compliance, Governance, and Risk

  • Compare and contrast security regulations, guidelines, policies, and standards.
  • Recognize the significance of compliance, controls, and frameworks.
  • Conduct security evaluations to guarantee organizational security.
  • Interpret risk reduction and management techniques.

This complete CompTIA Security Bundle helps to understand overall advanced security measures through spotting and defending malware and advanced persistent threats APTss), eventually providing enhanced threat identification across a vast area.

Hackers have infiltrated signature-based solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus software. Hence IT security Analytics has become much more important to organizations.

CoursesHoursActual Price
CompTIA Security + (SY0-601)22hrs$49.00USD
CompTIA Pentest+ (PT0-002) 25hrs$49.00USD
CompTIA CySA+ (C00-002)32hrs$49.00USD

CompTIA Security Bundle Highly Recommended Course for following jobs

  • Penetration tester
  • Vulnerability tester
  • security researcher
  • Red Team member
  • SOC Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Security analyst (II)
  • Vulnerability assessment analyst
  • Network security operations
  • Application security vulnerability

Skills obtained after Completion of the CompTIA Security Bundle

  1. Planning and Scoping of the Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
  2. Perform non-technical tests to gather information
  3. Conduct active reconnaissance
  4. Analyze vulnerabilities
  5. Penetrate networks
  6. Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification
  7. Real-time Cyber Attacks and Exploits
  8. Hundreds of Penetration Testing Tools
  9. Exploit host-based vulnerabilities
  10. Complete post-exploit tasks
  11. Final Face of Reporting and Communication after the completion of the protesting in the assigned network.

CompTIA Security Bundle Overview

  1. 700+ Topics
  2. 520+ Hands-on Exercises
  3. 300+ HD Videos
  4. 80+ Hours of Content
  5. Watch Video from Android & iOS Apps
  6. Life Time Access Content
  7. 24/7 Live Technical support
  8. Complete Practical Training
  9. Books & Materials Download Access
  10. Guidance to Setup the Own Lab


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