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Attack Windows API – Build Custom Tools With Python

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Welcome to the FIRST API hacking course and the complete guide to Hacking Windows API With Python! A lot of other Python Hacking courses will just teach you how to hack or attack target systems. We teach how to build your Custom Tools and start a Professional Portfolio that will boost your career!

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There are 4 API hacking method is mainly used in the course that has been completely covered in this API hacking course.

1. Reverse Engineering

2. User Spoofing

3. Man-in-the-Middle Attack

4. session Reply

This course not only teaching you how to use python to abuse windows but also how windows API calls work! This will help you in any language when looking at the windows API.

While going through the course you will be exposed to how Windows works under the hood! This will provide you much better insight on how Windows works as well as some more advanced topics.

What you’ll learn in this API hacking course

  • Ability to destroy a Windows Process internally
  • Crushing Processes via Token Smashing
  • Compile Python to EXE
  • Impersonating Other Users via Abused Processes
  • Solid understanding of Windows Internals
  • Interact With Windows Internal Documented & Undocumented API Calls
  • Understanding of Internal Windows Structures
  • Build Custom Security Tools

Topics to expect in this API hacking course

  • Learning Windows APIs & How They Work
  • How to use Windows API Calls in Python
  • Windows Internal Complex Structures
  • Windows Access Tokens
  • Windows Handles
  • How Processes work and pass data
  • Crushing Processes via Token Smashing
  • Creating Custom Tools
  • Building a Professional Portfolio
  • Impersonating Other Users via Abused Processes
  • Compiling Python to Windows PE/exe
  • Students should have basic familiarity with Python.

Course most useful for

  • Anyone who wants to start a career on Ethical hacking
  • To learn how to make custom malware
  • how to abuse the Windows API Internals

Course also includes

3 hours on-demand video
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion

These are only SOME of the topics covered in this course. Of course, you will receive 24-hour support via Q/A of the course.

Don’t wait! Take your career to the next level with the Full Guide on Hacking The Windows API With Python.


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