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Hacking With Python – Create a Own Python Hacking Tools

This is a complete beginner’s course, so you may enroll even if you know nothing about Python. The first benefit is that you will be able to learn Python, and the second is that you will be able to design your own hacking tools using Python.

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This course has 2 advantages ‘first you will be capable to learn python and also you will be able to create your own hacking tools using python, this is complete basics course, you can enroll even if you know nothing about python.


Trying a particular injection manually everywhere is very much difficult, you need one kind of software but you get nowhere such software to do such injection the way you want it, by creating your python script you can save a lot of your time.

The instructor has included password hacking, web hacking, Wireless hacking, and many more exploitation tools using python.

The instructor has explained the basics in brief and it’s very easy to follow, you will get to download all the scripts used in this course and the instructor is available for support.

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1 200+ Topics
2 100+ Hands-on Exercises
3 200+ HD Videos
4 15+ Hours of Content
5  Watch Video from Android & iOS Apps
6 Life Time Access Content
7 24/7 Live Technical support
8 Complete Practical Training
9  Download Access
10 Guidance to Setup the Own Lab



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