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Mastery Web Hacking and Penetration Testing Complete Bundle

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This course is highly practical but it won’t neglect the theory, the course will start with basics about how websites work, the different components that make a website, the technologies used, and then we’ll dive into website hacking straight away.

With this course, you will learn how and why these vulnerabilities are exploitable, how to fix them and what are the right practices to avoid causing them.

The course starts from the information gathering phase followed by Discovering, Exploiting & Mitigation various vulnerabilities and posts exploitation.

What’s Included

In this course you will learn how to hack facebook, google, PayPal type of web application, you will not just learn to hack them, you will even learn how to earn from hacking them and it’s all 100% legal, Earning by hacking legally is known as bug bounty program, 250+ companies have hosted bug bounty program. Anyone Can Join.

If you want to do Web Penetration Testing, then this is what you need! Burp Suite is the most important tool for that! This course is completely hands-on, so you can do everything yourself too.

You’ll learn how to communicate with relational databases through SQL. how to manipulate data and build queries that communicate with more than one table.

Also with this course, you will learn about XSS in websites by using various toolkits and the course explains all the three types of XSS.





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