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What is SIEM software and How it helps to protect Organization security

You might have heard about the SIEM software, but you might not have a full idea about this. SIEM’s another name is Security information and event management software that gives the enterprise professional security and track the record of their activity in the IT environment.

This SIEM technology is there in the market for more than a decade. Starting they has come with the log management discipline and it got combined with the security event management and this is a analyse log that acts in real time threat monitoring. They will even make the incident response with the security information management to collect the log data.

SIEM Architecture and How it Works?

This is the software that collects and aggregates the log data which gets generated throughout the organisation’s IT infrastructure.

It comes from the cloud systems with the network and security device and includes firewalls and antivirus. This is the software that identify, categorizes, analyze each incident and event.

SIEM always delivers real-time alerts and dashboard. It always reports to the several critical businesses where the modern SIEM applies for unsupervised machine learning to collect the data.

This software mainly delivers the two objects. Those are below

  1. It provides the report on the security-related incident like something successful, login failure, and other malware activity.
  2. It also sends alerts where the analysis shows the activity runs against predetermined and indicates the potential security issue.

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Attributes of SIEM System

It gets implemented through software, appliance, system, and other combination of the items. There are total of six attributes for any SIEM system; those are given below

  1. Retention- You can store the data for the longer period to make decision with the complete data sets.
  2. Dashboards- You need to visualized the data so that it can recognize the pattern and targeted the activity which does not fit into the usual pattern.
  3. Correlation-There are few sorts of meaningful data and it is very similar to share the common traits. The main goal is to convert the data useful information.
  4. Alerting- As soon as data gathers and identifies the certain response, the SIEM tool gets activated with its certain protocol to send the notification to the dashboard through an automated mail or text message.
  5. Data aggregation– In this data can gather from any number of the site after the introducion of SIEM. In this, There are many things included like servers, database, software, network, and other email systems. This aggregator serves things as a consolidating resource where it is fully correlated and retained.
  6. Compliance- SIEM protocol has been established automatically where collecting data is necessary the compliance with the company, government policies or organisation.

Top SIEM tools

Here you will get three top players; those are below

  1. SIEM Splunk -This is an on-prem SIEM solution that act as a leader in the space. Splunk supports security monitoring which can provide advanced threat detection capability.
  2. SIEM IBM QRadar- This is another one popular SIEM that deploys the hardware appliance, software appliance, and virtual appliance. These are entirely depend upon the organization’s needs and capacity.
  3. SIEM LogRhythm- It is best for the small organization where you need to integrate LogRhythm with Varonis so that you get the threat detection and the response capabilities. 

Why is SIEM Beneficial for the Business?

  1. Mass application- This SIEM technology is very flexible and suitable for all the business, including long-term and short-term. In industry, it works with the complexity where IT infrastructure is involved.
  2. Improve the threat detection- It allows rapid threat detection, which helps to reduce the security breaches to the complete IT infrastructure. As soon as it identifies the threat, it provides a quick response, and makes the business more secure.
  3. Straightforward compliance reporting- Compliance reporting is very much modern and essential for any business. The data-sensitive world business has to comply with few regulations like HIPAA, European Union’s GDPR, and GPG13. It also allows constant vigilance for any security issue, that can be problematic in terms of any compliance.

What all are the Benefits of Outsourcing SIEM?

  1. Comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance assurance- Outsources SIEM allows the organization to access the advanced, reliable method and regulate the compliance cybersecurity. It also allows the currently available compliance so that organization gets benefited.
  2. Specialist expertise- It ensures that the organisation has to benefit from the potential offered by the SIEM technology. In this, experts calls outsourcing and provide genuine access. SIEM service providers are getting really immersed for the cybersecurity matter on a daily basis and they are equipped quick and effectively where threat gets posed through the modern cybercriminals.
  3. Peace of mind- Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance are the constant concern for any modern organization where they can divert attention from the core operation. When you adopt to manage SIEM service, business leaders can able to enjoy their peace of mind by knowing that all essential areas are completely under control.
  4. Customer reassurance- In this era’s modern customers are aware of the sensitivity of every data, and they expect that the company will respond according to the situation. It also ensures that data security got maintained always. Professionals know to manage the SIEM service by demonstrating the customers who take the cybersecurity seriously and the data always be in the best hands.

Limitations of SIEM

If you talk about cybersecurity, then SIEM will be successful if it gets used by a knowledgeable individual. This is only useful if the expert is wielded it.

Its technology nature, and constant vigilance generate a countless alarms with false positives. As per result, everything has to be critically assessed through genuine expert analysis.

This is a very time-consuming matter for the smaller company, especially those who has a similar IT department. There are few IT departments that mainly focus on keeping the technology infrastructure run smoothly.

It always responds to genuine alerts, which require significant expertise. Users must get an effective response, but it has to be strategized and implemented as soon as possible to enjoy the benefit where SIEM can do the reporting.

This type of identification and threats are only helpful if any individual gets notified of the danger, and he must know how to resolve the issue which has been identified.

How can these Issues be Overcome?

Business owners always keep hoping to enjoy the benefits of SIEM without doing any expense with his in-house security team. This can be the best solution to manage SIEM services.

Instead of investing heavily in the existing IT department, in a few cases you must endure the time and expense for the requirement of new staff. Any business can efficiently manage SIEM service quickly and easily. Anything that is safe requires expertise and always goes with the monitoring system as per the requirement.


If you really want to benefit from SIEM, you need to hire the experienced expert to understand the SIEM better. Unfortunately, there are few companies who struggle to achieve the full benefits of SIEM by opting and managing SIEM service.

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